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Professional Training Certification – DGERT

It includes the Seminar “Expressividade e Voz (Articulation and Voice)” (LIVESTREAM)

Offer of a Communication Analysis
Carried out by the Trainee (Significant Part)


presented by one of the most distinguished international experts – Leny Kyrillos (PhD)


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    • Carry out a High Impact Conversation
    • Face the Camera with Greatness
    • Master the main Public Speaking techniques
    • Communicate with the Charisma of Great Leaders
    • Develop your own style of Integrated Communication (both verbal and non-verbal)
    • Communicate with maximum efficiency in various contexts (public speaking, media, business presentations, business meetings, activity analysis meetings, etc.)

    You will…

    • Receive training from the Founder of Microexpressões Faciais ® and Linguagem Corporal ®, Licensed Partner of the Center for Body Language International and Partner of António Sacavém Communication Academy ®
    • learn directly from a reputable Brazilian phonologists (Lenny or Claudia) and Coach os voice in one of the largest TV stations in Brazil
    • understand the main charismatic devices and be able to use them in public speaking
    • learn effective tools that will allow you to reach an enabling and confident state before you start speaking
    • integrate a communication model that will allow you to convey messages effectively and cause the impact you want before a wide range of audiences
    • receive personal feedback, as some of the communication dynamics will be recorded!

    At the end of the course, trainees should be able to speak publicly with a high level of technical skill, in a reliable, coherent, solid, impressive and authentic way, before a wide range of audiences and in the media, both in private and corporate contexts, in order to achieve high efficiency levels in the process of human communication

    By the end of the course, trainees should be able to:
    – Carry out a High Impact Conversation
    – Master the main public speaking techniques
    – Develop their own style of Integrated Communication (both verbal and non-verbal)
    – Communicate with maximum efficiency in various contexts (public speaking, media, business presentations, business meetings, activity analysis meetings, etc.)
    – Use their voice to influence and convey a reliable image

    This training course is aimed at executives, merchants, traders, human resources professions, teachers, justice officials, coaches, psychologists, journalists, people who provide services and people who are interested in their personal and professional development.

    On-site program (16h)
    (in Portuguese)
    – The baseline of the human communication process
    – Human perception and adjustment
    – Transforming limiting believes related to human communication
    – Learn to say the “positive-no” in several contexts
    – Learn to say the “assertive-no” in several contexts
    – Script to create high impact presentations and stories
    – Conceive and communicate complex arguments in a persuasive way
    – Add charismatic and rhetorical tools into a speech
    – Adapted the 4MAT model with non-verbal elements
    – Media training tools (bridging, 3 element technique, etc)
    – Nonverbal behaviors adjusted to seated and standing interviews (media, social media videos, etc.)
    – The colours and management of impressions
    – Trustworthiness and coherence: the basis for an effective communication
    – How to maintain credibility and strength in high pressure contexts
    – Techniques to overcome difficult questions in various contexts
    – Introduction to communication coaching
    – Conducting practical exercises, using filming and personalized feedback

    Live Online Workshop (3h)
    (in Brazilian Portuguese)
    – Communicating and building perceptions
    – Conveying positive and negative signs
    – Tools to create a normal voice
    – Psychodynamics and parameters of the voice
    – Verbal resources
    – Non-verbal resources
    – Vocal resources
    – How to create a speech and draw the listener’s attention
    – Tone – emphasis and emotion

    – Pass the final exam
    – Participate in the entire on-site program
    – Participate enthusiastically and commit to the various practical exercises to be conducted

    António Sacavém – Partner, Trainer, and Consultant at Leadership and Communication Academy ®. Co-founder of Linguagem Corporal ® brand. | Assistant Professor

    Antonio is an Assistant Professor at Universidade Europeia and IPAM and an Invited Professor and CATÓLICA-LISBON School of Business and Economics. He teaches Communication Skills, Leadership, Team Management, and Negotiation in academia as well as in companies all over the world (eg, Toyota, Fujitsu, Farfetch, Schneider, Impresa Group, Delta, etc.). António also supports leaders from several industries in Communication and Leadership skills. He is also an Author and Key-Note Speaker at many corporate and non-corporate events (e.g., TEDx).
    He is a Certified Body Language Trainer by JNForensics and was trained by Joe Navarro, who worked in counter-intelligence for the FBI for over 25 years and is one of the most renowned experts in non-verbal intelligence in the world. He is also a Certified Micro Expressions Trainer by the Center for Body Language International. He successfully concluded the Accredited Coach Training Program – ICF (164 hours) by Activision Coaching and NLP Training by IANLP (405 hours).
    For 6 years, he was the Business Director of one of Portugal’s largest Corporations (SONAE). He holds a PhD in Management, in the field of leadership and communication, at Universidade Europeia. Antonio also concluded the MSc in Organizational Behaviour at ISPA and an Executive MBA in Management at ISCTE Business School. Antonio is known to turn complex knowledge into easy concepts that can be easily applied. He supports executives, lawyers, negotiators, sellers, human resources professionals, journalists, teachers, coaches, etc.
    In a business context, he gives media training and he also merges state-of-the-art contents of leadership and/or negotiation with integrated communication (verbal + non-verbal), which is essential in providing his clients with the best service and lasting results. He also provides workshops and other integrated communication courses to the broader public. Antonio helps athletes and executives create better versions of themselves and reach a state of Flow that allows them to draw on the best they have to offer to serve others outstandingly. He is married and has 3 children. His research interests are leadership and management.
    His work has been covered in a variety of media outlets including SIC, RTP1, TVI, and TVI24.

    Leny Kyrillos – Partner, Training Manager, and Consultant at Leadership and Communication Academy ®. Co-founder of Linguagem Corporal ® brand. | Woman Entrepreneurship

    Ana is Partner and Training Manager at Leadership and Communication Academy. She holds a Master’s in Training Management from B-training and a Graduate Course in Human Resources Management from Universidade Lusíada. She is also a Certified Trainer in Micro Expressions by the Center for Body Language International and holds a Coaching Certification from B-Coach. She successfully concluded the Accredited Coach Training Program – ICF (164 horas) by Activision Coaching. Ana is an enthusiast and works hard in the development of new educational tools that can make the process of human communication easier, both on a verbal and non-verbal basis and in different contexts (one-to-one and in groups). Ana is particularly focused on providing businesses with groundbreaking solutions of integrated communication designed to fit the individual needs of companies and people. For the past 17 years, her career has been very successful. First, she was the director of a multinational company, and then she worked as an independent agent for a renowned international brand, both in the area of lifestyle. There, she had the opportunity to develop her business skills which are essential for the successful and sustained development of any company. Ana makes things happen.

    Analysis of a communication given by the Trainee (significant part)


    500 EUROS

    Promotion: 396 EUROS

    You can pay in two instalments of 198 euros -Fill out the Pre-Enrolment form bellow and we will send you more details by email.
    Prices INCLUDE 2 Coffee-Breaks. They DO NOT include other Meals or Accommodation. Beneficiam ainda de 10% de desconto sobre o PVP todos aqueles que participarem anteriormente em formações certificadas, organizadas pela António Sacavém Communication Academy ®.

    In case you decide not to attend the course, you need to let us know, in writing, at least 11 days before it starts and your money will be returned in full. If you decide not to attend less than 10 days before it starts or when it’s already taking place, your money will not be returned. These conditions also apply to those who enrol in the 10 days prior to the start of the course.

    Payment: Your enrolment will be confirmed once we receive your payment. We will send you all the details after you fill out the form bellow. The course has a limited number of participants.

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