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Our Vision

Removing the space between people.

Our Mission

Supporting human development through coaching, communication skills and soft skills training.

The Leadership and Communication Academy ®

Our TOP 9 training for business are:

The Language of Influence

Reboot & Upgrade – Team Coaching

Storytelling in Business

Public Speaking: Engage your Audience

Boost your Leadership: Communicate 2

Emotional Recognition

Media Training: Face the Camera with Greatness

Communication Plus: Transform Conflict into Productivity

Uplifting Negotiation: Effectivelly Communicate and Get a Yes!


Through advanced communication tools and team coaching, we support the processes of:
– change management
– organizational development
– strategic reflections
– team building
– people selection
– profiling, etc.

We are certified by DGERT as a Training institute:


We are the only institute in Portugal recognized by the Center for Body Language International


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