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EMOTIONAL RECOGNITION (Micro Expressions and Body Language):

Emotional recognition is a crucial skill in business. In this program you will be able to better identify the emotions on the client’s face and what the body reveals beyond words. We will use one of the most advanced Micro Expressions simulators, in order to enhance the application of the content in the business processes. Role-playing represent more than 50% of the training time.

– body language in business (feet and legs, trunk, arms and hands, face) with and without the protection mask.
– decode the 7 universal micro expressions and their 26 variants in the METV simulator – exclusive to the Center for Body Language International
– measure the performance of the participants in the pre-test of micro expressions and improve, during training, the results of the team in at least 30%
– respond effectively to the non-verbal signals we observe – exclusively from Center for Body Language International: BLINK TM and EFFECTIVE CONVERSATIONS TM in advanced simulator


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