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Learn to Say No Without Guilt

Your boss asks you to leave later, but is your son’s birthday, what would you do? You are overwhelmed work, but a colleague asks you for help with a task that has nothing to do with you, what would be your answer? Your sister asks you to stay with your nephews that night when you had already planned to go out with your husband what would you say?I bet you say yes, even when you want to say no. Because you are afraid of feeling guilty, of being mistreated in the eyes of others, you think that your refusal will bring you problems and conflicts. Therefore, you put yourself in second place and sooner or later you will feel frustration and regret. You should have said no! António Sacavém is a university professor, coach, and specialist in leadership and communication, finds that one of the main barriers to personal and professional development in the most several contexts is the difficulty in saying no. However, being able to say “no” in an appropriate way, at the right time, does not make us bad people, but rather gives us the opportunity to create more genuine, mature and open relationships. In this book, the author shares essential tools to learn to say a positive-no, a “no” that is confident, that opens doors to dialogue, that will increase your productivity, that will promote work / live balance and facilitates your professional achievement. In short, will make you a much happier person!

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Body Language Reveals What the Words Conceal

You can easily buy our practical book on Micro Expressions and Body Language. You will learn all you need to know on how to be a successful leader and succeed in sales, negotiation, interviews, coaching, teaching, public speaking and relationships, both on a personal and professional level. It doesn’t matter if you know more or less about any of these subjects, whether you’re a beginner or more advanced, you can always reach the next level more easily if you incorporate the non-verbal elements we will reveal to you in this book. Learn how you can apply the BLINK TM conversational technique, which teaches you to respond verbally to non-verbal signs you witness in other people. This will help you to get more and better deals and to improve your relationships.This book has been a success and it’s already on is 5th edition.

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